Perth Kids Limo Parties

As their jaws hit the ground and they squeal with excitement as the Pink Hummer turns into your road you know they are going to have a party they will remember for the rest of their lives.

The Hummer arrives at your home and we roll out the red carpet  and after a few photos we are ready to party. With complimentary crisps lollies  and soft drinks they will just love cruising around in the Perth Pink Hummer limo.  On board there is Singstar karaoke with songs they know and love as well as all the latest music videos to watch. 

Inside the Hummer there is a smoke machine, lasers andnightclub lighting making for a full on party experience.

Depending on where you live we can either head to the city or take a cruise along the beach, The back windows will be down to scream at passers by just so they let everyone know they are cruising in the coolest Pink Hummer in Perth

With room for 14 people in total, we do ask an adult to accompany the children. The kids love the Hummer parties and they get to feel like pop stars as they cruise around in a Hummer. if you prefer Purple we have the only Purple Hummer in Perth.

Call our party co -ordinator Carly on 1300 PINK HUMMER to arrange your party today. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Hummer experience last?

Normally the Childrens limo parties last just over the hour, but if you prefer you can book for an hour and ahlf or two hours

Do you have Seat belts for everyone?

Yes we do, we promote a fun, safe environment for the parties and each of our Hummers are fitted with 14 belts in the rear.

Can we bring a birthday cake?

By all means, if you wanted to do that we suggest a park to stop for a few minutes so we can do the cake and candles.

Can we have more than one adult?

Yes, you can choose any combination of adults/children as long as the total number does not exceed 14

Can you pick up from School?

Yes we can pick up and drop off at any location within the metro area. So you could pick up from school and at the end of the party drop off at McDonalds or your home or even the cinema, its entirely up to you.

What is the best age for a childrens limo party in Perth?

From 8-16 are our most popular age group for girls. Over our 14 year experince of doing limo parties we see more girls than boys but since we have had the Hummers that number has evened out a lot. 



Pink Hummer Video